has been drying because of the change in the climate.

Lake Faguibine Mali has been drying because of the change in the climate.

The lakes are also a beautiful sight of nature. but causing bad luck lakes are ended by the changing of climates. Lake Faguibine Mali is one of them.
Lake Faguibine Mali is on the southern edge of the Sahara desert it is situated 80 km west of Timbuktu and 75 km north of the Niger River. Lake Faguibine Mali has been drying because of the change in the climate.
dried out lake by the change of climate, with the temperature approaching 15 degrees celsius. and now it is getting hotter.
The waves of sand have been gradually taking over the water waves. It feels like they are selfish. driving out the communities surrounding.it was changeable.

Dried wells

The UN says more than 300,000 people live in one desert. for all that people do not have any facilities to live there. Due to the lack of rain, the water has gone below ground level. they don’t have water to drink or to use. The animals are dying because of the hot weather and lacking water. The fishermen and the farmers are fighting for the water.

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Importance of seashells

Aquatic animals have ended. Seashells are an important part of the coastal ecosystem but seashells are broken. That’s the reason birds can’t reach them.


School is the fundamental key to the generation, From which it grows. and new ideas are developed. Unfortunately, the sand took over almost four hundred children’s schools. how they will go to school, how children will complete their education.

Al-Qaeda members controlled the entire area of Lake Fagubin Mali and said that they will help those who will join the al Qaeda group.

Moms should make Paratha in breakfast for their kids because it keeps your child healthy.

why your baby not happy today (signs of an unhappy child)

Mostly, mothers are worried that their child does not eat breakfast or meals. if your baby does not feel well, and he is always still in illness, does not show interest in activities.  he avoids running. complaints of leg pains, he or she does not take a meal. Which makes mothers anxious all day long. and it makes the mother sick.

Busy working parents

In this modern age, parents are too busy with work; especially mom who lives all day in different work and she can not prepare healthy breakfast for kids. And every time they order food from outside, they fill the stomachs of the children. This is not good for your child’s health at all. Please evade this routine.

how to fatten up a skinny child

At a young age ( after 6 months), the mother should feed her baby four times a day. For this meal, the timetable should have different types of recipes and tastes. Suppose you give potatoes in the morning but should make a different recipe for potatoes; the next day, Give up them sweet yogurt around 2:30, when you are having lunch, Feed your baby also. the same, at the night of dinner, give feed to your child.

 If you make this habit a daily routine, your baby will soon become fat. and it is the best tip to Fatten up a skinny baby.

If you give honey to your baby early in the morning, it will protect your baby from coughs and colds and will strengthen the baby’s chest.

a balanced diet chart for a 7-year-old child

 at this age, children, are premature. They do not care. Children spend most of their time on mobile or TV screens. Mothers should give a glass of milk twice daily to their premature children, because this is a growing age, and milk is too much for growth. so that their bones are Strengthened, Increase their height, children should eat pure ghee. give them protein. Increase the height. give them all that food that keeps protein, which includes meat, cheese,  eggs,  for bodybuilding and a good way to grow. 

Breakfast should be made from the pratha of desi ghee, and they should be made by the mother’s hand. Give paratha with lassi or curd. Give fruit before twelve or lunch which is in the season. They spend a certain amount of time on the games, that’s why their minds and eyes are tired from using the mobile all day.

physical activity

The evening is the best time to walk, children should take a walk at this time. should participate in outdoor games.  encourage them with their good work,  give them the little task of home working, just like when you work in the kitchen, tell them they should set the dining table. either make a salad.

Avoid the carbohydrates

In the evening time, you should give a glass of milk again to your child rather than you give them noodles, pasta or unhealthy food which consists of carbohydrates. carbohydrates are not good for children’s nourishment. give the corn, fruits, curd, and that feed which consists of calcium. make a balanced food chart that includes chicken meat or fish, it will keep your innocent healthy and mentally prepared.

A TikTok app is closed in Pakistan for Immoral content for some time

No doubt TikTok is a famous app in the world. Many people earn from using this app at home without any hesitation because it provides a golden chance to make money.

Tiktok is a Chinese app

Basically, Tiktok is a Chinese app and it was launched in 2017, for entertainment and education purposes. ByteDance is the owner of this APP.
A social networking platform, Tik Tok Where you can make a three-minute Tiktok video and show it to the whole world. This gives you the ability to make followers. as many followers will like your TikTok video content, You will be so famous.

But unfortunately, an International app TIKTOK not working and not download in Pakistan for the last two months. Because Pakistan does not want immorality in its country and does not want that people see dirty material. That is why Pakistan has taken this good step to save its people from vulgarity and banded an international App TikTok for some time. It is the decision of the High Court to ban TikTok.

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A popular Pakistani Tik Toker Ali Zeb said that top social media app TikTok Presenting immoral content. People are getting addicted to drugs and using weapons which are increasing the rate of anxiety and suicide in society.
not only has Pakistan banned the social networking app Tik TOK But other countries are also closing it.

The best pottery is still evergreen today.

THE clay pots

The tradition of pottery has been going on for years. These pottery made of different shapes and beautiful colors are still considered to be evergreen.

How does make clay pots in Pakistan?

The clay is well prepared for about three days and then on the fourth day, the clay is shaped into a ball by wet hands. And then the selected pot is made.
From time immemorial, pottery is still very popular in Pakistan today, and as a fashion, people Use earthenware for decoration. Utensils are also used for food and drink.

Pakistan’s cities where pottery is famous all over the world

Hala, also known as Kashigar, is one of the most famous for pottery, not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Kashigar first shields, shapes, and colors this pottery. These pottery colors are cobalt blue, turquoise, mustard, purple, brown, and white. Multan and Gujarat are also famous for their beautiful pottery.

Use of pottery

while pottery is used in home decoration, it is also used in cooking and other purposes.

Blessed is the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him)
used to soak the palms in water in a clay pot all overnight and then drink them in the early morning.

Earthenware pot and villagers

Earthenware is still used in the villages today. The earthen Pot which is called Delu in the Sindhi language. Delu water is used for drinking. it keeps the water cooed and tastier. It doesn’t get worse.

Sohan halwa.
Wheat is grown in earthenware pots, to make sweet desserts that are called Sohan halwa.

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In earlier times pottery was used in everyday life due to which people were saved from various diseases. If we reintroduce pottery into our lives in this modern age, Many diseases can be prevented.

The Theme of world health day 2021

Theme of world health day 2021 is Building a fairer, healthier world.

life is a great gift of Allah tabarak wa ta’ala; as human beings, we should protect our lives. The last prophet of ALLAH Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him says “Purity is half of Iman (faith).”

like that world health day is celebrated on 7th April of every year for awareness of good and healthy life. this is sponsored with the help of the world health organization.

The Theme of world health day:

This program was held in 1948 and every year, the worldwide organizer of world health day work continues to this working on different issues and the importance. In this program, almost all the big issues came up, and WHO worked on them regularly and ran a campaign.

Year of the Nurse and Covid

In the last year 2020 the world health day dedicated to nurses and midwives. The nurses and midwives played the biggest roles in Corona.
WHO is going to highlight those people who died in corona. The needy families also listed. some group of the world is collecting income to support have poorer housing conditions and education, fewer employment opportunities, experience greater gender inequality, and have little or no access to safe environments, clean water, and air, food security and health services.
In the point made by the WHO, let’s see how cleans the whole world from the corona.https://bit.ly/3mlYcB6

When will the children go to school regularly?
When will the place of worship be opened?

FANGTIAN N95 Respirator NIOSH Certified N95 Respirators Face Mask on Amazon.

corona is a viral infection and it’s dangerous. It spreads faster. This viral infection has created tension all over the world. CoviD 19 thrives through breathing.
It can be overcome; by make distances, without touching affected clothes, without handshaking, and use of face masks. https://amzn.to/3bSkRBz. If masks are of the best quality then they, provide safety from the virus.

FANGTIAN N95 Respirator NIOSH Certified N95 Particulate Respirators Face Mask is one of the best products on Amazon.

Who wears a face mask?

people who need to go outside for requirements must use an N95 face mask for their safety

The Truth about the face mask

This face mask has a way of protection from the virus.
It is effective for people if it’s clean.
FANGTIAN N95 is not loose and it is properly wearable.

The new layer of a corona has been starting. please save yourself and your family by using corona vaccination and using N95 Respirator NIOSH Certified N95 Particulate Respirators Face Mask.

Product details:

Size Pack of 20 (Size M/L)
Material: Nonwoven Fabric, Melt-blown nonwoven fabric
Style: Pack of 20 (Size M/L)
Closure Type: Elastic

Product details
1 NIOSH Approved N95 certified for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles.
2 Adjustable nose clip helps in obtaining a secure seal.
3vDurable latex-free material to ensure your wearing comfort.
4 Advanced electrostatic media is designed for ease of breathing.
5 Compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection.

Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag, Sack, Blanket

Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag, Blanket

A high-quality wearable sleeping

Are you searching for a high-quality wearable sleeping bag for your baby?
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Touched by Nature store. This is one of the best sellers on Amazon. In this store, you can buy kids stuff too related to your choice. It provides a variety of casual or occasion-related things.
cotton gowns, organic cotton socks, cotton pants, cardigan, coveralls, sleep wearable, cotton Tights, Kimono gowns, cotton bibs, and more other beautiful cotton products for unisex( baby or baba)available at Touched by Nature store.
Touched by Nature store brings very gorgeous Unisex-Baby Organic-Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag, Sack, Blanket for cute little kids. ( https://amzn.to/3uYtkuu) at a low price.
No tension, for fitting or size, you can order to store on your choice. This Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Wearable Sleeping Bag, Sack, Blanket has

Main features are;

1 100% Cotton
2 Imported
3 Zipper closure
4 Machine Wash
5 Made with 100% organic cotton (exclusive of decoration)
6 Soft, gentle, and comfortable on the skin
7 Optimal for everyday use
8 Set includes organic dresses
9 Set includes two long-sleeve organic cotton sleeping bags and a Perfect nighttime sleep solution

Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020

Size: 3-9 MonthsColor: Garden FloralVerified PurchaseI originally bought the 0-3 size for my new baby and after just one night knew I immediately needed to go get the next size up. These are soft, lightweight sleep sacks that are perfect for spring/summer/fall nights. If you live in a cold climate, you might want a thicker set for winter OR just put a fleece footie PJ underneath, however, it stays pretty warm where we live so these are perfect. I do notice the sleeves stretch a bit after a few nights (I think it’s because my daughter has started sucking/chewing/pulling on the sleeves a bit but the dryer fixes them right back to their true size). Would highly recommend it! Love the mittens built into the sleeves.

Beautiful Minal Khan appeared in a photoshoot with an ethereal look.

Minal khan counts in pretty girls of Pakistan. she often updates in news. ever with the family trip, so ever in affairs of relationship and ever photoshoots.
recently she appeared in a photoshoot with an ethereal look. she wore a red wedding dress. Minal khan is a television celebrity, she acted in different dramas from different chenlesaMinal khan counts in pretty girls of Pakistan. she often updates in news. ever with the family trip, so ever in affairs of relationship and ever photoshoots.
Minal is a Television celebrity, she acted in superhit dramas on different channels, she played leading roles in his dramas. Her famous dramas are; Mere Meherbaan, the romantic c (2015), and comedy-dramas Mithu Aur Aapa (2015), Joru Ka Ghulam (2016), and Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain (2016).

recently she appeared in a photoshoot with an ethereal look. she wore a red wedding dress by @aarindanooraaa and @ayanamir.thestylist. In this look, she seemed too gorgeous in a red dress with gotta Patti’s work in silver and golden. The red and golden contrasted earrings were further enhancing her beauty.

A Pakistani Boy set the world record for arranging all elements of the periodic table in just 1 minute and 58 seconds.

Pakistan is a peaceful and beautiful country in Asia. Pakistani, not only loveable, caring, but their people have a lot of talent. Many remarkable people got noble prizes and world records. in which, Abdul Sattar Edhi largest Volunteer Ambulance Organizer. Jahangir khan squash champion, Ali Moeen Nawazish A-Levels Cleared, Muhammad Ilyas a Youngest Civil Judge Arfa Karim Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, etc.

Rohan Khetwani is one of the names who won the records. A Sindhi boy from Pakistan set the world record for arranging all elements of the periodic table in just 1 minute and 58 seconds.
Rohan Khetwani a 9th class boy arranged a periodic table with an atomic mass in record time that is 1 minute 58 seconds. he belongs to a Thar Sindh. he led their school at the Islamabad Science Festival, which that arranged at the Pakistan National Council of Arts by the government of Pakistan on the 13th of February. inaugurated the event, while and President of the ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Manzoor Soomro witnessed the exhibition.

More than 80 schools participated in Islamabad with their science projects in which shown different projects, including walk-in sanitizing stations, precautions against coronavirus, and others.

Rohan Khatwani received the first prize from The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqat. This is a great pride for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

How to make money on Fiverr as a new freelancer?

Freelancer is self-employed doing a job on the internet without time management. he/she works from their home. there are two types of freelancing 1 is a traditional marketplace and 2 is a nontraditional marketplace. traditional marketplace, where clint come talk about their requirements and post their projects.nontraditional marketplace, where clients come and spin to the concept. Fiverr, Freelancer and Guru are traditional marketplaces. Guru is a nontraditional marketplace.
On Fiverr, many people from all over the world, making money. They make perfect money and increase their increment. Fiverr follows its different rules and regulations. if seller disobeys their rules and regulations, Fiverr blocks their accounts.
On Fiverr should be work properly, step by step, it grows the account, and Fiverr gives to the freelancer best position level. freelancers take a best seller position on Fiverr.
After signing the Fiverr account, mostly new sellers face difficulty choosing packages and they have a question How to make money on Fiverr? they do not have any idea, how to get buyer requests and Fiverr orders?

1 how to select packages on Fiverr gig:

basic      standard     premium


I will create a corporate identity within 2 days
2 reviews

Intermediate: I will crate corporate identity within 1 day
1 day
4 reviews

professional: I will crate corporate identity within 12 hours
1-day delivery
6 reviews
and tick mark on all the blocks.

2 How to Choose  Keywords for ranking?:

SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are very helpful to rank a gig. Always choose longtail keywords. Must choose those keywords that have low competition. after selecting a keyword longtail keyword, then open the search bar and write on your chosen keyword know, all services are open if all gig less than 5000 thousand then you can easily get orders from the buyer but gigs are greater than 5000 may be its tuff to getting orders. For order, it’s important that you conservation to your client.

3 How to make a gig:

must write a short and attractive title with the best keyword. your title should be a minimum of 80 words. select longtail tags that must be related to your gig .give an Extra gig service to your buyers in this service, trick marked on all the options.

4 Description:

This part of the gig is very important for the buyer because, by a description, the buyer will see; how much you able to take orders. so write your description carefully and in your own writing.
write a description like that
I am a graphic designer who creates corporate identity includes logs, business cards, and letterhead. OR

Hi Fiverr

Are you looking for a professional to develop an e-learning content writer? If yes welcome. It must take you a while to get here, so let me take this great opportunity to give you a warm welcome. I am a creative writer and love to write I will write high-quality, unique, and attention-grabbing E-learning content. There are some sellers who offer 150 words for their basic package. I offer up to 300 words In my basic package.

I will :

check spellings

check Grammer

check sentences

If you are not happy with what I deliver, you can get your money back. I pride myself, however on always providing good work. If you interested in giving me a chance to help with your content shine please free to place an order or message me.I f you have any question about this gig you can contact me I will replay you ASAP


5 Frequently asked questions:

are you open to discussion before placing an order?
yes, I am open to discuss placing an order, please.
Note: for order, it’s important that you conservation to your client, because if you don’t talk to your buyer, you do not have an idea about their project requirements. If a client Will gives you a bad comment, then your ranking will come in low its Fiverr policy.
requirements: please inbox me first you placing an order.

6 gig name:

know your gig ready to share, but before sharing on social media just like Facebook, must name your gig that name you use in your title.
creat seven gigs related to your skill, if you are a writer you can write about press writing, website writing ghostwriting, article writing, social media writer with long-tail keywords.

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Views and impressions:

views and impressions are very important for the ranking gig, how many people come and visit on your gig. the most important thing for getting the order, how much time you online, how much time you answering people in your inbox. this is the best way to increasing your response time and your ranking.

How to create a custom offer:

First, select that gig that you want to offer your client then write a custom service.
I will create your youtube intro video and thumbnail within one business day, if you hire me, I will give you an outro of your youtube video as complementary, interested? inbox me .or


There I logged in to the site and followed a few instructions. This something I definitely can do. I will include 3 revisions. If you accept me, I can start the order right away since you can already send the information and I can have it ready in 3 days.


Hopefully, with this blog, you can easily get a seller position by getting a job on Fiverr.

Do comment if you have any questions?