1 Paratha keeps kids Healthy During The School year

A healthy child  is a blessing of a GOD.and It is a pleasure for a Mom as a quote,

“A happy child is a healthy child”.A healthy diet is essential for a child, especially for school-going children. Healthy food makes the kids physically and mentally stronger. wheat is the complete food for your kids. Daily 1 Praratha, include in your kid’s Breakfast.

unhealthy kids’ symptoms ( keep kids healthy)

Mothers mostly worry that their child does not eat breakfast or meals. if your baby does not feel well, and he is always still in illness, does not show interest in activities. He avoids running. complaints of leg pains, he or she does not take a meal. Which makes mothers anxious all day long. And it makes the mother sick.

Mothers should check their daily menu routine to see what unhealthy foods they are using and that are making their babies sick. Wheat is an excellent source of natural components, which provides proteins and vitamins.

Daily 1 Paratha use in your school-going kid’s breakfast, you will see many changes in your kid’s health. Paratha provides too many benefits that make kids healthy and have balanced mental health.  

The primary source of energy and starch

  • Protein: It works to make Muscles and Organs, and build Hormones and Antibodies.
  •  vitamins: It plays a fundamental role in your body, making bones strong and helping to bolster an immune system.
  •  dietary fiber: It absorbs water and adds bulk to stool
  •  phytochemicals: It protects from cancer.https://www.eia.gov/kids/what-is-energy/sources-of-energy.php

Busy working parents

In this modern age, parents are too busy with work; especially moms who live all day in different positions and can not prepare healthy breakfasts for their school-going kids. And every time they order food from outside, they fill the children’s stomachs.

This is not good for your child’s health at all. Please evade this routine. Add Prahtha to your daily routine. If you do not have time to make fresh parathas; at the weekend you can make different parathas and store them in the fridge f as frozen.

Furthermore, parathas can be an exciting addition to a child’s lunchbox. Its versatility means that it can be customized to suit individual preferences, making it an exciting meal for kids to look forward to. 

How to make healthy for a skinny child

At a young age ( after 6 months), the mother should feed her baby four times daily. For this meal, the timetable should have different types of recipes and tastes. Suppose you give potatoes in the morning but should make a different recipe for potatoes; the next day, Give up sweet yogurt around 2:30, when you are having lunch, Feed your baby also. the same, at the night of dinner, give feed to your child. 

If you make this habit a daily routine, your baby will soon become fat. And it is the best tip to Fatten up a skinny baby. Along with this routine, you should use grains-related products in your baby’s daily diet. By using wheat or other grains, Your baby will become familiar with the use of cereal and will get into the habit of eating cereal.

If you give honey to your baby early in the morning, it will protect your baby from coughs and colds and will strengthen the baby’s chest. It will make your kids healthy.

a balanced diet chart for a 7-year-old Child to Make a Healthy

At this age, children are premature. They do not care. Children spend most of their time on mobile or TV screens. Mothers should give a glass of milk twice daily to their premature children, because this is a growing age, and milk is too much for growth.

so that their bones are Strengthened, Increase their height, children should eat pure ghee. give them protein. Increase the height. give them all that food that keeps protein, which includes meat, cheese, and eggs,  for bodybuilding and a good way to grow. 

Breakfast should be Healthy and made from the pratha of desi ghee, and it should be made by the mother’s hand. Give paratha with lassi or curd. Give fruit before twelve or lunch which is in the season. Kids spend a certain amount of time on games, so their minds and eyes are tired from using the mobile all day.

Healthy breakfasts are very important to keep the kids fit and especially for school-going kids. Do not send your children to school without breakfast. Should keep the habit of eating Healthy breakfasts for your kids. And should have breakfast with your kid at one table.http://blogjamz.com/drying/

physical activity

Exercise is very important to stay healthy. The evening is the best time to walk, children should take a walk at this time. should participate in outdoor games, like football or badminton.  Encourage them with their good work,  give them the little task of home working, just like when you work in the kitchen, tell them they should set the dining table. either make a salad.

Avoid the carbohydrates

In the evening time, you should give a glass of milk again to your child rather than, give them noodles, pasta, or unhealthy food which consists of carbohydrates. carbohydrates are not good for children’s nourishment. give the corn, fruits, curd, and that feed which consists of calcium. make a balanced food chart that includes chicken meat or fish, it will keep your innocent healthy and mentally prepared.


Wheat is the complete food for your kids. It includes Protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, and petrochemicals. Paratha keeps kids healthy during the school year. It Provides too many benefits that make kids healthy and have balanced mental health. The primary source of energy and starch. Should not send the school kids without Healthy breakfast; Otherwise, they will not pay attention to studies and other activities.

Exercise is very important for a child along with a good diet. Provide physical and mental activities to your kids. As a Mother, It is your big responsibility to keep the check and balance your kids. and make them complete children in society. Paratha is a healthy, nutritious, and delicious option for parents looking to keep their kids well-fed and energized during the school year.

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