How to make money on Fiverr as a new freelancer?

Freelancer is self-employed doing a job on the internet without time management. he/she works from their home. There are two types of freelancing 1 is a traditional marketplace and 2 is a nontraditional marketplace.

Traditional marketplace, where clients come to talk about their requirements and post their projects.nontraditional marketplace, where clients come and spin the concept. Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru are traditional marketplaces. Guru is a nontraditional marketplace.

On Fiverr, many people from all over the world, making money. They make perfect money and increase their increment. Fiverr follows its different rules and regulations. If a seller disobeys their rules and regulations, Fiverr blocks their accounts.

Fiverr should be working properly, step by step, it grows the account, and Fiverr gives to the freelancer the best position level. freelancers take the best seller position on Fiverr.

After signing into the Fiverr account, most new sellers face difficulty choosing packages and they have a question: How do make money on Fiverr? they do not have any idea, how to get buyer requests and Fiverr orders.

1 how to select packages on Fiverr gig: as a freelancer

In this package, I Will provide 01 articles of 1000 words with one free revision.
3 Days Delivery1 Revision Up to 1,000 words topic research SEO keywords SEO Keyword Research in $5
StandardIn this package, I Will provide 02 articles of 1000 words with one free revision. `4 Days Delivery1 RevisionUp to 2,000 words topic research SEO keywords SEO Keyword Research in $10PremiumIn this package,I Will provide 03 articles of 1000 words with one free revision. `6 Days Delivery2 RevisionsUp to 3,000 words topic research SEO keywords SEO Keyword Research in $15

2 How to Choose  Keywords for ranking? On Fiverr

SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are very helpful to rank a gig. Always choose long-tail keywords. Must choose those keywords that have low competition. After selecting a keyword longtail keyword, then open the search bar and write on your chosen keyword now, all services are open. If all gigs are less than 5000 thousand then you can easily get orders from the buyer but if gigs are greater than 5000 maybe it’s tough to get orders. For order, it’s important that you conserve with your client.

3 How to make a gig on Fiverr gig: as a freelancer

Must write a short and attractive title with the best and related keywords. your title should be a minimum of 80 words. Select longtail tags that must be related to your gig. Give an Extra gig service to your buyers in this service, trick marked on all the options.

4 Description:

This part of the gig is very important for the buyer because, by a description, the buyer will see; how much you are able to take orders. so write your description carefully and in your own writing.

write a description like that

I am a graphic designer who creates corporate identities including logs, business cards, and letterhead. OR

Hi Fiverr

Are you looking for a professional to develop an e-learning content writer? If yes, welcome. It must take you a while to get here, so let me take this great opportunity to give you a warm welcome. I am a creative writer and love to write high-quality, unique, and attention-grabbing E-learning content. There are some sellers who offer 150 words for their basic package. I offer up to 300 words In my basic package.

I will:

check to spell

check Grammar

check sentences

If you are not happy with what I deliver, you can get your money back. I pride myself, however, on always providing good work. If you are interested in giving me a chance to help with your content please feel free to place an order or message me. If you have any questions about this gig you can contact me I will reply to you ASAP



 Hi. My name is Mussarat Qureshi having 2 years of experience in article writing/blog posts. I love traveling and I have a lot of experience writing in the travel niche. I can write on any topic you want in just 24 hrs. My first priority is to satisfy the customer at any cost. From me, you can expect that the article written will rank on the first page of Google. There is NO OUTSOURCING. I offer FREE META DESCRIPTIONS!!!!

              I can show you my samples written in different niches. The price range of my writing is very reasonable. It is very important to me to deliver excellent service and guarantee your pleasure with the work, and I will make every effort to do it in a prompt and effective manner. I like writing and tailoring it to meet your aims and voice.


·     No Grammar mistakes

·     No Plagiarism

·     No outsourcing

·     SEO Optimization

·     Engaging content

·     Consistent communication concerning your order


5 Frequently asked questions:

Are you open to discussion before placing an order?

Yes, I am open to discuss placing an order, please.

Note: for orders, it’s important that you conserve with your client because if you don’t talk to your buyer, you do not have an idea about their project requirements. If a client Will gives you a bad comment, then your ranking will come in low.

requirements: please inbox me first you place an order.

6 Gig Name:

know your gig is ready to share, but before sharing on social media just like Facebook, must name your gig the name you use in your title.

create seven gigs related to your skill, if you are a writer you can write about press writing, website writing ghostwriting, article writing, and social media writer with long-tail keywords.


iews and impressions:

views and impressions are very important for the ranking gig, how many people come and visit your gig? The most important thing for getting the order is how much time you spend online, and how much time you spend answering people in your inbox. This is the best way to increase your response time and your ranking.

How to create a custom offer:

First, select the gig that you want to offer your client then write a custom service.

I will create your youtube intro video and thumbnail within one business day, if you hire me, I will give you an outro of your youtube video as complementary, interested? inbox me. or


There I logged in to the site and followed a few instructions. This is something I definitely can do. I will include 3 revisions. If you accept me, I can start the order right away since you can already send the information and I can have it ready in 3 days.


Hopefully, with this blog, you can easily get a seller position by getting a job on Fiverr. some other sites and social media platform members also provide Fiverr jobs with good payments, so you can easily get them. If you think that you will get a job on Fiverr all of a sudden and you will have money, then it is totally wrong. It never happens. It takes a little while and in the meanwhile, you have to work hard as a freelancer that Will never be in vain.

Do comment if you have any questions.

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