Make your Eids happier with 4 beautiful frocks ideas

Girls are a blessing of Allah and their parents’ princesses. Every parent wants their baby child to look like a fairy, princess, or barbie. special on Eids. And they do their best. And struggle for a happy life for their child.

 If we talk about girls and their ideas about dressing; frocks, glamor, and dolls always attract them. Different fairy tale characters; girls like and want to dress like their favorite characters.on Eids and other events. Barbie frock designs are becoming very popular in the fashion industry. These frocks are not ready only for babies Rather adults and barbie frocks for women.

These barbie frocks have different qualities and many varieties and these barbie frocks are available in all markets and online marketplaces at reasonable prices barbie frock collections, like net, cotton, lawn, and heavy embroidery frocks; are the most demanded in 2022, and maybe these frocks in demand among in 2023. The prices of the barbie frocks are different in range.

Every mom has a wish, for their beloved daughter to look like a fairy. She buys pretty dresses and sexy frocks for their baby or younger daughter. and she wants her girl to seem different from others. so MOMs Don’t worry, here are a few best ideas for frocks.

1: Fairy frock for baby girl best collection for Eids

These frocks are just fantastic and look stunning and were recently added to the markets of Pakistan by designers. These frocks are made of different stuff according to the season. These embroidered Frocks with elegant flowers and have net fabric around them making the multilayers. These are available in different colors and designs and mostly white and pink colors are in demand. These fairy frocks are suitable for occasions or parties. and best for Bakra Eid. Prices are different starting from  7000 PKR to 13000 PKR.

2: Multi Tier Frocks barbie frocks for women

 trendy and most demanded by girls as they are too cute and stylish. This frock is full of heavy embroidery and lacework makes them more attractive. These are multilayer frocks and are available in different color combinations. available at different prices and sizes.  These frocks are not only for little girls but adolescent girls and barbie frocks are for women, who also wear these frocks according to their taste.

These barbie frocks are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, Eids, or any special occasion. The price range starts from 10000 PKR onwards.

3: long barbie frocks and eids

These are also very popular among baby Girls and the material used for them is mostly net fabric and available in different colors. Vibrant colors are very catchy and attractive, so the designer used color fabric in contrast to these types of frocks. These barbie frocks are mostly consisting of many layers and recently hard net (cancan) fabric was introduced which is stitched in frocks for the flare and to give them a look like princess baby frocks.

These frocks are worn at parties, and casual or formal functions according to the designs. Matching headbands also look good with them. Prices range in different places, mostly between 5000-15000 PKR.

4: Lawn frock design

These are the best choice for summer and upcoming eids; very comfortable for babies as the mothers wonder what to choose for babies in summers in which they feel comfort and light. So, these frocks are lightweight, and soft, and save you from the summer heat and rashes on your skin. Light colors are mostly demanded for summer dresses and are perfect for a pleasant mood.

These are simple yet elegant-looking dresses and the designs on them are so stylish. Printed lawn, cotton, and polka-dot fabrics are used for these dresses, and frills on corners are common on these frocks.


These are some barbie frock designs in Pakistan for babies and girls available in local markets, designer shops, and online. These frocks are mostly knee-length dresses, but some are ankle-length, so it depends on the category and choice of buyers. These add charm to the personality and nature and make them look more attractive.

Dresses, especially frocks are traditional wear in Pakistan and people love to buy them and wear them on Eids or other eventsLittle girls mostly like barbie design frocks as they love the cartoons of barbies. Moms can get the best ideas for cute dresses or beautiful frocks for their teenage girls from Pakistani actresses. Pakistani celebrities wear beautiful frocks from different designers. Sajal Ali’s pink frock can help you to make a beautiful frock for your daughter on Eids. Search it on google.

you will get a lot of ideas to make beautiful Eids frocks. Recently, the trend of online buying is very popular, and people just have to select the dress and order them. Many online stores for frocks are also available on websites. They even have matching jewelry, hair bands, and shoes for girls, So you don’t need to go anywhere else.

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